Winter and summer holidays
Data: 10-12-2013 o godz. 16:10:21
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   Modern man spends a lot of time to learning and working. People look for rest. Students count days to the end of the school year, and leave school. Everyone really wants to enjoy a vacation, relax and forget about problems. Holidays, however, have their advantages and disadvantages...

   Holidays are very important for the student's time. It can take a break from the problems of study and change their surroundings when leave the camps or holidays with their parents. During the summer, young people explore different parts of the world and meet new people. The holidays are a time beneficial also for this reason that, when they can earn money, do seasonal work. Young people spread leaflets, collect fruit, or works in supermarket. Work lets them have a little spending money, but it is often the case that young people do not know how to manage your money and too quickly it seems.  

   The disadvantages may include holidays threats that lie in wait for young people leaving alone for example, under a tent. Teens sometimes don't realize that such a trip can bring unpleasant memories, if it is to act irresponsibly. Second fact is, that colony can be very expensive.  

   I believe that the holidays are a very favorable time for everyone, as it gives awaited holiday. I think the biggest drawback of vacations is that it takes too short.

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