English language course
Data: 25-06-2010 o godz. 10:47:56
Temat: Uroczystości szkolne

     The 18th of July, 5 pm was the end of the additional English language cours in our school.

     We, those who were participating in the project, decided to celebrate it in a special way. We performed "Cinderella" in front of our head-master and local authorities. Some parents, project manager and friends were also present. Our cool teachers: Mr. Dariusz Zawadzki, Mrs. Monika Rusiecka and Mrs. Dominika Skowrońska helped us in rehearsals. The performance was a great success - the spectators were clapping hands for a long time.

     After that, all English students received awards: illustrated English - Polish dictionaries. Everybody loved them. They will be a great help in our further language study.

     During our English language meetings (the lessons were financed by the European Union) we were being prepared for the junior high school exam. We also worked on the language skills and were getting to know English and Americian cultures.

      We would like to thank the local government, the headmaster of Bledow junior high school, OSP (volunteer fire brigade) in Bledow and the lectors, because they showed great committment and dedication to help us have a better start.    

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